Are you very conscious about spending natural resources like water for electricity? Then, why don’t you use Homemade Solar Panels? You can make solar panels easily and inexpensively using common materials found at hardware shops. Ready-made solar panels are made of silicon and highly efficient. It is true that homemade panels are not as efficient as prepackaged ones, however you can make them at home as a light detector. For solar panels homemade, you need to acquire some materials from hardware shop;

•    Small electric stove or a hot plate
•    Shears to sheet metal
•    Copper sheeting
•    Micro-ammeter to read lower current than 50 microamperes
•    2 alligator chips
•    Clear plastic bottle
•    2 tbsp salt
•    Water

Start making solar panels by following this step-by-step process.

Homemade Solar Panels•    Cut 2 rectangular pieces from the copper sheeting and metal shears as per the size of the stove burner. Copper has be washed and cleaned before using. Sandpaper is recommended to cleaning copper in order to ensure that no corrosion is included.

•    Put one copper sheet on the stove burner and turn the stove to maximum heat.

•    Watch the copper carefully as it will change color to black when it starts oxidizing.

•    Leave the copper over the burner for about 40 minutes so as to get a thick coat of oxidized black material.

•    Turn off the stove and allow the copper to cool in natural air. Leave it for around 30 minutes to cool off.

•    Scrub the copper under running water. Do not use cloth or any scrubber. Take the removable oxidized coating off the copper sheet while ensuring that you are not damaging the copper under the oxidized layer.

•    Cut the top of the plastic bottle to make it an open bucket. Take another piece of copper that you didn’t heat up and bend it a bit so that it goes with the shape of the bottle. Fall the copper piece into the bottle.

•    Take the heated copper and repeat the process that you had with the non-heated copper. Ensure neither pieces are touching.

•    Connect an alligator chip on each piece of copper. Clip the alligator from non-heated copper to the positive terminal of the micro-ammeter. Clip next copper piece connected alligator chip to the negative terminal.

•    Mix a couple of cups of water and salt. Ensure the salt is fully dissolved. Pour the salt water into the bottle of copper pieces to making measured strides and leave the alligator chips to dry. Keep one inch of copper pieces above the water level.

•    Observe the micro-ammeter to see if the needle has moved. You have now made a battery-like-apparatus. Hence, it does not matter if it is day or night.

•    Place the solar cell outside in the sunlight and watch the increase in charge when the cell uses the sun and changes it to electricity!

With these simple Homemade Solar Panels, you can make a lot of energy and use it effectively.