Home solar panels: simple source of solar energy

If you are planning to procure the materials for the construction of the solar panel then you need to have certain knowledge as well as understanding of the different aspects of the solar panels so that you get the best deal. To begin with you must realize that there are various types of solar panels that can be constructed and which are available in the market. The different Homemade Solar Panels have different specifications based on individual requirements.

Homemade Solar PanelsWhat is solar panel and how does it function?

You must know that the solar panel is different from the solar collector. For example if you want to produce electricity for your home then you might need the solar panel whereas if you want to produce hot water from your installation then solar collector might be the option. Let us see at the basic difference between the solar panel and the solar collector. The solar panels help in converting the shortwave radiation into the electrical energy that can be utilized to power the appliances. Solar collector on the other hand is a system which is composed of tubes filled with liquid which is eventually used for heating. Now let us concentrate on the solar panels and what features or characteristics make them worthy of making an investment in.

Before the purchase of materials for the solar panels, you must closely examine the specification sheet that comes along with it.  It provides the various details of that particular component of solar panel and thus can help you to make a choice depending on your requirements. Basically there are two major semiconductor materials which compose the solar cells in a solar panel. They are Mono-crystalline silicon cells and the Poly-crystalline silicon cells. The Mono-crystalline silicon cells are technically much more efficient and have an efficiency percentage of above 20%. Whereas on the other hand, Polo-crystalline silicon cells have an efficiency percentage of approximately 16%.Though the mono-crystalline cells are amongst the most efficient cells of solar panels, they are comparatively expensive than the polo-crystalline cells. The polo-crystalline cells are easily available and thus the price of the solar panels comprising these cells is also very low. Due to its affordable price and substantial efficiency the solar panels comprising these cells are commonly used by the consumers.

Things to look for while constructing the panel:

Apart from the composition of the cell, you must also give proper attention to the dimensions as well as the warranty provided by the various components needed in the solar panels.  The dimensions of the solar panel must be such that it should properly adjust to the active area thus avoiding the wastage of free space. In terms of warranty, you must look for a good warranty for the components as you want the solar panel to last long. As regards to the construction of panel, you can easily find the procedure online from one of the many useful websites.

It’s important to have an effective homemade solar panel to successfully tap into immense solar energy.